Drink to your health!

Sardinia, Italy – an island off the coast of Northern Italy, surrounded by turquoise blue waters, white sandy beaches, and beautiful mountainous terrain.  A place where tradition is valued and people thrive on local culture.  But besides beyond this, Sardinia is unique in another facet.  Sardinia boasts one of the highest concentrations of centenarians (people living over the age of 100) in the world. 

So what is their secret? 

Along with a good diet and an active lifestyle, part of their secret to longevity may be attributed to their regular consumption of wine.  But not just any wine.  In Sardinia, there is a grape variety unique to the region known as Cannonau.  What makes this wine different is that it has two to three times the level of flavonoids as other wines.  Flavonoids are polyphenol antioxidants found in plants, and they have an amazing effect on the human body.  Flavonoids help prevent blood vessels from rupturing, protect cells from oxygen damage, and even act as antibiotics in the body halting the effects of bacteria and viruses.  In addition, flavonoids reduce the body’s reaction to allergens and carcinogens, and may even prevent and help treat conditions such as asthma, cancer, diabetes, migraines, stomach ulcers, and surprisingly, varicose veins.  Flavonoids also have anti-inflammatory effects and maximize the benefits of vitamin C in the body.  How’s that for health benefits?  :-)

Most of us have heard that consuming a glass or two of red wine a day is healthy, but Cannonau wine takes that statement to a whole other level.  In conducting research for his book, Blue Zones, Dan Buettner, in conjunction with National Geographic, determined that Cannonau wine does in fact play a role in the longevity of the Sardinian population.  From this research and the known effects of flavonoids, it can be deduced that moderate wine consumption may increase life expectancy while also lowering stress levels. Although it doesn’t guarantee beauty, this particular wine is basically the closest thing we have to drinking from the Fountain of Youth. 

And the best part?  Most bottles of Cannonau wine can be found for under $20 a bottle. :-) Check out wine-searcher.com to get the best prices and have a case delivered to your door.

Let’s toast to Happy Hour!

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